Blue Mountains Accommodation & Tourism Association Corporate Website | What to Do - Where to Eat - Where to Stay

Visit Blue Mountains website (VBM) is the marketing website for BMATA with intended reach world wide.  It is primarily a desktop web site.  Its sister site, Getin NOW (GIN), is the conversion website being promoted mainly within the Blue Mountains region. This one is primarily a mobile smart phone website.

VBM, like GIN, will take its venue listings from the BMATA Corporate site.  However, in addition to GIN venue listings under the Categories of What to Do, Where to Eat, Where to Stay, VBM will also list 5 new Categories of Venues - LOOKOUTS, TRAILS, WEDDINGS, CONFERENCING, and ANNUAL FESTIVALS & EVENTS

The new home page to VBM should be very familiar for visitors to GIN desktop.  There is a new header, but the bar menu and the slider images are the same. 

The 4 tiles by 3 lines of menu selections are arranged so that the 1st row gives the likely visitor direct access to members' DO / EAT / STAY services and What's ON, the 2nd row informs the potential visitor about secondry services with more in-depth information, and the 3rd row provides the interested visitor with general background information on the Blue Mountains.


The individual listings for all of the venue Categories on the VBM site are identical to those on the BMATA site (look under LISTINGS above).  And each Category’s listing summary will also look the same (without Get in Now and Location).

Finally, there is  a SOCIAL MEDIA function with links to our Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram feeds.


Visit Blue Mountains (link)