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New WHAT'S ON module

(January 2018)

WHAT’S ON is the section of all the BMATA websites that displays events in the Blue Mountains in the date order that they happen. 

A new release of WHAT’S ON provides a significantly better and much faster end-user experience.  It now has a new fresh look which is uniform across all devices, no matter what size the screen is.  The public can view all the events in an abbreviated Grid form, or in a List form with slightly more initial information shown. 

The module now has a range of search options and much more information about the event including links to its website, social media pages and direct booking button if it has one.  There are now directions and maps, and also costing information if provided.


More Information



Inclusive Tourism Forum

(September 2017)







Here are the presentations from the Inclusive Tourism Forum that was held in Katoomba on 30 August 2017.


Short Term Holiday Letting Options Paper

NSW Planning Logo

(August 2017)

The NSW Government is calling on community and stakeholder feedback after the release of an Options Paper on short-term holiday letting.
The Options Paper is the next step in determining the most effective way for the NSW Government to respond to the growth of this industry, which includes Airbnb and Stayz.
The paper is now available for public feedback for a three-month consultation period until 31 October 2017, after which the NSW Government will consider submissions.
Blue Mountains City Council is one of only a few councils in NSW that regulates STHL through the planning system.
Click below for more information and to make a submission.

Update from Glenn Caldwell - GM DSSN


(August 2017)

Glen Caldwell, the newly appointed General Manager for Destination Sydney Surrounds North, came and addressed the BMATA August meeting at the Hydro Majestic.

Members can get details from the Minutes of the meeting in the "Member Areas".

As he said, he has sent through to the below links to key funding and DNSW documents of interest.  (click on the link or copy and paste the link into your browser).
Destination Networks:
The brochure:
Regional Tourism Funding:
Partner Opportunities prospectus:
General Resources:

Projects Completed last financial year


Following is a list of projects completed by the BMATA this past financial year.  Blue Mountains City Council assisted both financially and otherwise for which the Association is very grateful.
  • The revision and printing of the 2nd edition of the Greater Blue Mountains Drive (GBMD) map which is now being sold at the two Blue Mountains visitor centres, as well as by NPWS, Oberon visitor centre and by many BMATA members.
  • A new interactive digital representation of the GBMD Touring Guide which presents all the Discovery Trails in a format that can be downloaded onto smart phones and then accessed interactively even when the user is away from any telephone or wi-fi coverage.
  • A new Direct Booking platform on which accommodation providers place their individual booking buttons with last-minute enticement messages.  This web page allows the operator to take direct bookings without the large booking commissions extracted by Expedia, and the other third party booking engines.
  • Improvements to the “blue ribbon” tourism website for the Blue Mountains –  The association was able to expand the site with new content and make it more visible. We also integrated the new direct bookings platform as well as the GBMD Touring Guide and the Council’s Grand Clifftop Walks mobile app into the website.  This website, and its mobile counterpart, are now receiving upwards of ½ million visitors per year, up 100% from this time last year.
  • A new Tear-off Visitor Map to the Blue Mountains and its major tourist towns is being made freely available to visitors from accommodation reception desks and tour desks of all BMATA members across the mountains. These are provided in A3 size pads of 100 tear off maps - 50,000 maps in total - and are supported by the sale of advertising space so they will become self-funding through subsequent editions.
  • Revision and printing of the Blue Mountains International Tour Planner which was distributed at the recent Australian Tourism Exchange.  A high quality 24 page Planner was produced in booklet form, on branded USB, and is available for download from our members’ website
  • BMATA representatives attended the recent Australian Tourism Exchange held in Sydney 14-18 May 2017. The show was a success with very positive feedback not only from the stands we were directly involved with but talking across the other operators they were all stating how impressed they were with the quality and interest of the agents this year. 

A3 Map Pads are now available


BMATA Tear-off mapsThe BMATA has taken over the ownership of the A3 tear-off maps that were once distributed for many years by the Blue Mountains Attractions Group. There are 100 tear-off maps in each pad.  
Sixteen advertisements are  placed on the map and advertising places are available for BMATA members only.  If you wish to register your interest in participating in the next edition, please contact the Secretary.
The Maps are being distributed through BMATA Accommodation reception desks and Tour desks, and at the regular BMATA monthly meetings.
If you are a member, particularly an accommodation member, and need stocks please contact the Secretary to find out where you can pick them up from.

More on A3 maps



Soap Aid


Soap Aid is a not-for-profit organisation founded in Australia.

It was founded to save and improve the lives of children in disadvantaged communities through the facilitation of improved hygiene practices around the use of soap and to contribute to a reduction in environmental degradation through soap recycling.

They collect partially used and discarded soap from hotels in Australia and New Zealand sending them to a central processing plant, where they re-process the soaps and turn them into new, useful bars of soap that will help save lives.

They have identified target communities with the highest rates of childhood mortality from lack of adequate sanitation to which they can ensure ‘safe passage’ of Soap Aid soap and education materials.

Soap aid is being supported by Rotary in the Blue Mountains.  If you would like to participate then please contact Lucian Keegel  on 0415 232 901 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Have a look at their website


On-line Newsletter Subscription

(November 2016)

The Blue Mountains Accommodation and Tourism Association has moved our mailing list to a new service to address mailing list issues with MailChimp (our previous email service). Because of email spam controls, some members were unable to receive emails sent from MailChimp.
You can now subscribe on-line to receive our regular Newsletters by email.  Simply go to the Newsletter page by clicking the button below and enter your email details from there.

Should you not wish to receive our notices and newsletters, just Unsubscribe on one of the emails you receive or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will remove your email address from our mailing list.







Greater Blue Mountains Drive App and Map

(November 2016)

The new GBMD touring maps are finished and are being distributed to Visitor Information Centres that might feed visitors into the drive.  Members and VICs can order maps for sale to their customers by following the button at the bottom of this page.

The map is supported by our new smartphone touring guide that complements the touring map and contains individual maps and information about the many Discovery Trails in each NPWS Sector of the drive, and much more.  The smartphone guide can be found (only on your mobile phone) at, and at the revamped as well.


More on GBMD



Western Sydney Airport - Community Update

The Austrailan Government is committed to the Western Sydney Airport being built.

Keep abreast of what is happening through the community updates provided regularly by the Australian Government.  

Follow this link to read the latest Community Update.


Airport Community Updates (link)





New Tourism Networks

(July 2016)

The Regional Tourism Organisation Review has finally concluded and Stuart Ayres, Minister for Tourism (and others), anounced the results on 6th July.

In summary the changes that were announced are:

  • The existing 11 RTOs are to be replaced by 6 Destination Networks to be established as Companies
  • Guaranteed operational funding for 4 years for the Destination Networks
  • Redesigned Regional Visitor Economy Fund application process
  • Increased $3.5 million (over 4 years) funding for the Regional Visitor Economy Contestable Fund
  • Additional $1 million each year for the Regional Flagship Events Program
  • Commissioning of a new state-wide Destination Management Plan
  • Creation of a new DNSW Regional Division, including a Regional Conferencing Unit.

The Blue Mountains (along with Hawkesbury and Penrith) have been included in the "Sydney Surrounds North"  Network.  This Regional Network also also includes the Hunter and Upper Hunter, Central Coast, Newcastle and Port Stevens. 

Our DNSW representative, Mr Jason Sacriz, attended our August meeting to hear our concerns and to answer questions.  Find out what he had to say in the meeting minutes - in the Members Area.

DNSW has called for applicants to fill the positions of the 5 Directors for each of the 6 Destination Networks.  We will keep you informed as new information becomes available.

For more information, download the following documents

S. Chipchase letter



S. Ayres letter



DNSW Media Release



Destination Networks (pdf)



Director's Information Pack (pdf)




India Tourism Market perspective from Tourism Australia

(May 2016)

Tourism Australia sent their 'India Sector' Business Development Manager to the Blue Mountains on Monday, April 26th, to meet with BMATA and individual Blue Mountains tourism representatives.  Tourism Australia Representative, Samar Chokshi, covered:

  • The India market – the opportunity, distribution, key trade partners, campaign activity, working with the market
  • Insights, Trends, Facts & Figures (including arrivals/spend
  • Consumer behaviour – planning/booking/travel season
  • The Indian Visitor – needs and wants, becoming ‘India-ready

Sama's Presentation Document



Inbound Tour Operators Contact List



The following material was also presented for the benefit of BMATA members.


India Market Research & Insights

You can find some useful information on the India market on Tourism Australia's corporate website.

Australian Stories - Global PR Newsletter

  • Australian Stories is our new product/events/destination newsletter that has a focus on new news.
  • Our Global PR team would love to hear your stories – you should send through some press releases/stories about the refurb and those events that you mentioned (particularly highlight the award you won).
  • Send them through to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the chance to be featured.  
  • This is sent out to 4,000 PR/media/journalist contacts around the world, and is a great way to spread the word about your experiences.


Aussie Specialist Program

  • The Aussie Specialist Program is our online training platform that we use to train travel agents in over 110 countries.
  • We’ve recently relaunched the program across all of our key markets.
  • There are two main ways that you can engage with the 30,000-strong network of Aussie Specialists.
  • The Travel Club is where you can encourage fully-qualified Aussie Specialists to experience your product during their personal trips to Australia by offering an industry rate. This is a great way to showcase your product. I have attached a form for you to complete if you are keen to be part of this.
  • You can also submit a product update video – a 2/3min video that can be used to update travel agents on your product. It can be a simple video filmed on a smart phone.
  • You can find out more about the program here.


Social Media

  • Our social media platforms are very well followed – we have nearly 7m Facebook fans and 2m Instagram followers.
  • Check out the Tips & Tricks page that our team created to help industry leverage the Aquatic & Coastal campaign as well as how to generally get involved.
  • A reminder to keep using #seeaustralia (and #restaurantaustralia) to have the opportunity to be featured in the Australia social channels.
  • Don’t forget that you can also upload photos directly to our Facebook page –


Understanding the Consumer – consumer research findings

  • You will find the results of our Consumer Demand Project research in some very easy to read fact sheets contained within our corporate website.



  • You can sign up to TA’s newsletters keep in touch with all that is happening at Tourism Australia, both onshore and offshore.
  • Subscribe to the various publications, including our main weekly newsletter Essentials.


Working with Tourism Australia

  • This document outlines the many opportunities available to work with us more closely as well as outlining our strategic direction.

Blue Mountains Tourism Industry Profile

(October 2015)

Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise works closely with the Blue Mountains tourism industry. BMEE recently launched a tourism industry profile which highlights how important this sector is to the local economy:
•The second greatest employer in the Blue Mountains
•Approx 12.9% of local jobs attributable to the Tourism sector
•Over 2000 local jobs
•$105m in wages and salaries
•Tourism industries contribute $195m to Gross Regional Product
•$420m in output

Blue Mountains Economic Output


You can download the Blue Mountains Tourism Industry Profile here.

Tourism Industry Profile (PDF)






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