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A letter to all members from Jason & Anthea

Good morning family and friends,
What a beautiful day! The sun is shining, there’s not a cloud in the sky.....
None of us could have possibly predicted the situation we are in right now, off the back of bushfires and floods. None of us really know how much worse it could possibly get either. We are all hurting but we are all in this together.
I started with a positive, as we have 2 choices in this – we can retreat into distractions of chaos, entertainment and perhaps opening that beer or having a glass of wine earlier in the day OR we can choose to skill up, learn, deepen relationships, to progress rather than pause or hide and hunker down into the couch all day.
Get Up, Dress Up, Turn Up… never give up!

The urge to chill and pause and wade things out is understandable, but we do not know how long this is going to go on, so we need to help each other through this as one big Blue Mountains tourism family. We can all help each other in various ways. It was great to see Annette asking questions and receiving suggestions on our BMATA Facebook group. Please keep this up, email each other phone each other, lets keep communication open as we see each other less.
We have had to make some tough operational and financial decisions to ensure that Blue Mountains Tourism comes through this period and is still here on the other side to service our members and visitors, just as many of you are having to do the same. The changes so far are:
Members meetings will be postponed – but as above it will be up to all of us to keep communications strong. As soon as this is over, we will certainly create one big party style meeting. While we have just about finished the production of the Destination Marketing Campaign, we have also decided to postpone the launch of this until we know we have a definite market that will come.The VIC will be closed as of Tuesday until further notice.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our team that have helped it run since we opened in September 2018. We will reopen it again to support tourism as we grow again post COVID-19. The winter edition of the Blue Mountains Tourist Newspaper will not be printed – any forward/yearly bookings for advertising will be pushed out. Mike Sperling will take a well deserved break and the volunteer committee will run BMT during this period.  I trust that you have all seen, and hopefully applied already for the $10,000 bushfire recovery grant, if not please apply, even if you are not 100% eligible please still apply and let us know if you are knocked back, I do know some businesses that have been approved that are not 100% compliant but still were approved. Further do keep an eye on the other government support coming out this week and utilise it where you can.
As always, we are still feeding figures to all levels of government on how bad all our business is and that we are hurting beyond anything we have ever been through before, so I am confident that we will be seeing additional government support into the future.
Please email or call me or any of the committee members you may know better if you have any questions, or just need chat.
Yours in tourism,
Jason                               Anthea