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Included here is a series of articles answering specific queries that have come from members that the BMATA admin feel would be of assistance to other members.

You can direct any of your queries to  BMATA Administration and if we feel the response is useful to a wider member audience, they will be published here.


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Who can join the BMATA as a member?

The BMATA has been in existence since 1982 and up until 2011 only accommodation providers in the Blue Mountains were admitted as full members.  During this time we had many general tourism businesses as associate members.

In January 2012 our constitution was changed to allow all businesses that have an interest in promoting tourism in the Blue Mountains to be full members of the Association.  This includes businesses that may not be in the Blue Mountains, but still support tourism in the Blue Mountains.

How do I join?

There is information about membership in the MEMBERSHIP section of the Corporate web site.  Here there is an on-line application form and downloadable form which you can download, fill out, and send to the Secretary.

How much does membership cost?

Full membership to BMATA is $249 per annum.  You can join part way through the year and pay a pro-rata fee as explained in our 'Policies and Procedures' document.

There are optional extra costs for additional services and marketing benefits: venue listings more than 1 - currently free; brochure placement at the VICs more than 1 - $60.50 p/a each additional; request for initial setup of venue listings - $30 each.

Why should I join BMATA?

If you provide visitors to the Blue Mountains with accommodation, food and beverage, activities/attractions/entertainment, you do yourself a disservice if you do not belong to BMATA.

If you provide services to tourism businesses, your membership to BMATA gives you special access to these tourism businesses for the benefit of you the supplier, the tourism business and ultimately the tourist.

Please contact the Membership Officer if you would like to talk to someone about the benefits of membership.

Specifically, what Marketing Benefits do members get?

All front-line tourism members get a free listing on the Getin NOW public website.  Additional venue listings can also be added for no additional cost.  These listings are managed by the 'owning' members.

Also members listings shown on the main regional website are drawn from the members' database similar to Getin NOW.   This now includes listings that specifically target the Wedding and/or Conference market. 

At any time, members can post open/close, full/available, and time dependant enticement messages against their venue listing(s), which are then promoted on the Getin NOW mobile web application.

All accommodation members are listed on our Direct Bookings page with their booking button or email contact if they don't have an online button.  Last-minute inducement messages can easily be posted alongside your button.

Members can place their special events with their venue listings, which will appear on the WHAT'S ON section of Getin NOW and on

Members can place a brochure at the Echo Point and Glenbrook Visitor Information Centres for free.  Additional brochures can also be placed for a 50% discount on the cost of applying directly.

Members can participate in various marketing programs run by the BMATA, for example the Roaring 20s Festival, for a significantly reduced rate.

How can I become involved?

All members are welcome to all regular meetings held generally on the first Wednesday of most months.  As well as enjoying some social networking with your peers, members can engage in and contribute to all matters brought to the meetings.  The next meeting and schedule of upcoming meetings is under NEXT MEETING under Public Information on this site.

Can I contribute?

Under the constitution, the management of the Association is by the 7 person Management Committee.  The Committee is guided by the 'Policies and Procedures' adopted by the membership when we broadened our scope to include all of tourism. 

At least 2 people elected to the Management Committee must be from accommodation and at least 2 from general tourism.  Every full member who is financial can nominate for the Management Committee which is elected by the members at the AGM held in September.

As a volunteer organisation, the BMATA relies heavily on sub-committees looking after specific tasks or projects.  Any member can chair or join a sub-committee that is of particular interest to them, or where they may have expertise that is helpful to the Association.

How can I find out more?

Lots of information about the organisation can be found on this site at the ABOUT BMATA and PROGECTS areas of the top menu.  If you wish, have a look at our latest Newsletter to see some of our journey.  You can subscribe to our email Newsletter from the NEWSLETTER page.

Our direction and governance is as stated in our Policies and Procedures (2012) which you can download from the POLICY OBJECTIVES page.



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Member Areas

What is in the MEMBER AREAS and do I need to go there?

There is much throughout the BMATA website that is of general interest to members as well as others.  Some is publicly available, including members' listings, general BMATA information, notices and newsletters.

The MEMBER AREAS contain things that should be of interest only to members.  Minutes of past meetings and MOUs with our strategic tourism partners.  The ability to update your listings and information on how to do that.  There is also further Committee access to financial and membership information.

You get to the MEMBER AREAS by clicking the button in the footer of every page.

How do I log into the MEMBER AREAS?

Each member has their own unique membership number.  This number was printed on your membership renewal document.  Put this member number into the User Name field in the MEMBER LOGIN (under the MEMBER AREAS button).

A password was originally allocated for your business when we set up the website.  This was notified to you by email back then or if you contacted us afterwards.

What if I have forgotten my membership number or password?

If you have forgotten your membership number or password follow the 'Forgot your username/password?' link and enter the email address you have told us you wish to be contacted on. 

If, within a few minutes, you don't receive a confirmation email with your membership number or password please contact BMATA Administration.


Getin NOW

What is Getin NOW?

Getin NOW is a website that the BMATA has created to help visitors find something to do, some place to eat and somewhere to stay in the Blue Mountains.  Its address is and it is designed for mobile smartphone, tablet and desktop PC use.

All members may put their venues onto the website and can indicate their opening and closing times.  You can then dynamically change your availability or capacity to take more business.  At any time, you can then post an enticement message to your venue listing.  The most recent venue with the “come-in-now” message will rise to the top of it’s category of  Eat, Play, Stay.   

Get in Now - Eat Play Stay

Can I get a listing on Getin NOW website?

If you are a member of BMATA and marketing somewhere to stay, somewhere to eat or something to do, your business is eligible for listing on the Getin NOW website in one or more categories.

What does it cost?

Members of BMATA can have a multiple venue listings at no charge.   

How do I get a listing on Getin NOW?

BMATA members should use their membership number to log into the MEMBER AREAS of the Corporate website. 

Once you have logged in, there is a complete description of how you add and update your listing.

When you are satisfied with your listing, contact BMATA Administration and we will check the listing and activate your OCL Register so your open/closing times and messaging are displayed.

Who do I contact if I am having trouble with my listing?

If the directions in the MEMBER AREAS are not sufficiently clear to allow you to add and update your listing, please contact BMATA Administration and we will assist you and also clarify the instructions for others.

Can I get someone to put my listing up for me?

Yes you can.  BMATA Committee and administration is all voluntary but we are more than willing to assist.  We ask for a small contribution of $30 payable to the Association to add a listing to Get in Now.  This money will be used to help market the web site.

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Quick Access Key

What is the OCL Register?

When you enter your businesses' open and closing times in the ACCESS KEY section, you will see reference to the OCL Register.  This is a register, or calendar, attached to your listing on the Get in NOW website that holds information about the times you are open and closed, whether you have availability (if you post to it), and also carries a “come-in-now” enticement message.

What does it mean for my business?

By setting up your OCL Register properly you will promote your business on the Getin NOW websites. 

Firstly you should enter the times when your business opens and closes each day during the week.  You can then modify this by changing the times for specific dates, eg Christmas.

You should then notify BMATA Administration that everything on your side is as it should be.

Your business will now get a special listing in Getin NOW during your opening hours.

Having done this, you can then easily post availability and special customer enticements to the OCL Register which will further heighten your listing on Getin NOW.

Furthermore, if you are an accommodation member, you use the Quick Access facility to post an availability, or last-minute enticement, message onto the GetinDirect web page.

How do I post my Availability and Enticements?

When you have set up each of your Venue's listings you will have been given, or changed if you like, your Access Key.  Take note of it.  This key is for quick access to your OCL Register. 

From your Smartphone, Tablet or PC  go to and enter your Access Key along with an enticement message and time when it should be displayed, or if required a no-availability notice.

Your listing will then be highlighted and move to the top of Getin NOW listings in your business category.

NB. You should save to the home page on your smartphone for quick access.


Quick Access



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New improved Getin NOW

What is in the new version of Getin NOW?

Getin NOW is has been improved with new functionality to make it easier to Eat, Play and Stay in the Blue Mountains.

Members are now able to put up their individual calendar of events and functions into the members’ Corporate site which will then feed directly into Get in Now alongside events coming from the DNSW’s Get Connected platform.

New getinnow

New Getin NOWMembers can also add on-line ticketing for their function/event if they like.

Members who have an on-line booking button will now see this on the smartphone version as well as on the desktop version.

Members can now link their listing on Getin NOW to their Facebook page.

Both the mobile and PC version of Getin NOW can now take note of the viewer’s location so as to prioratise listings based on where they are in relation to the viewer.

In addition there are some extra behind-the-scenes improvements, such as collecting statistics and pages for Committee work.

And there is a new look to both the smartphone and PC version of both the Corporate and Getin NOW websites.

When will the new version be ready?

The new version is now operational.