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The BMATA is a tourism focussed, industry led and membership based organisation, that will strive to:

For Tourism in General

  • Coordinate local tourism strategies related to the development, facilitation, delivery and promotion of tourism services within the Blue Mountains local government area (LGA).
  • Provide policy and issues advice to Council on all tourism matters related to the Blue Mountains LGA.
  • Support and complement the strategic direction and objectives of the Destination Management Plan and the regional tourism brand.
  • Provide local representation on the Board of the Regional Tourism Organisation or Network as their constitution will allow.
  • Encourage and facilitate collaboration between tourism stakeholders to provide a cooperative approach to the effective use of resources and for the development and promotion of tourism in the Blue Mountains LGA.

For Visitors to the Blue Mountains

  • Liaise with local Visitor Information Centres (VIC) as a part of a wider regional network.
  • Encourage the implementation of training and other programs that enhance the service standards, professionalism, profitability and sustainability of tourism within the Blue Mountains.

For the Members

  • Offer encouragement and mentoring to emerging operators providing sustainable tourism product.
  • Provide a regular forum where members can voice their opinions, initiatives and priorities regarding their businesses and tourism in general.
  • Provide regular information and networking opportunities to ensure members are increasingly informed, motivated, adaptable and productive.
  • Provide analytical research and investigate new ways to meet emerging visitor needs.
  • Provide local marketing opportunities both specific to the Blue Mountains local area, and in support of regional marketing initiatives.
  • Articulate and represent the concerns, wishes and aspirations of the collective BMATA members.
  • Foster friendship and co-operation within our membership, with the aim of offering a united approach to service and hospitality within the local tourism industry.

For the Community

  • Promote co-operation between the tourism industry in the Blue Mountains and other organisations and businesses within the Blue Mountains region, with an understanding of the needs of visitors, the community and the environment.
  • Support local events that will benefit tourism in the Blue Mountains.
  • Co-operate with other community and business groups to develop and enhance local tourism prospects and programs.
  • Encourage community support for tourism within the Blue Mountains region.

… from Policies and Procedures adopted SGM 31st January 2012


Policies and Procedures (PDF)


BMATA Constitution (PDF)