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WHAT’S ON is the section of all the BMATA websites that displays events in the Blue Mountains in the date order that they happen.  It is accessed from a very prominent header position on all pages of the desktop web sites and from the front page of the mobile web site.

Members can list an event by logging into their Member’s Area and adding it to their appropriate listing – for example a Jazz Night might be linked to the Cocktail Bar listing, a Wine Tasting to the Cellar Door listing, and a Gala Ball to the main Hotel listing,

The WHAT’S ON module combines the members’ event listings with state-significant events from Get Connected (the State Tourism Data Warehouse - STDW) and as seen on Destination NSW website under Events in the Blue Mountains.

An advantage of listing through the BMATA site is that you can include direct on-line ticketing for the event.  In addition, all BMATA member events have a direct link from their BMATA venue listing to all of the events listed against that venue.

If you have an Event that is of particular interest to visitors to the Blue Mountains please enter your event details onto your Venue's listing inside the Member Areas.

The new release of WHAT’S ON provides a significantly better and much faster end-user experience.  It now has a new fresh look which is uniform across all devices, no matter what size the screen is.  The public can view all the events in an abbreviated Grid form, or in a List form with slightly more initial information shown.  The application now has a range of search options and much more information about the event including links to its website, social media pages and direct booking button if it has one.  There are now directions and maps, and also costing information if provided.

In short, you can now provide just about every bit of information about your event to effectively promote, market and then sell it to the visiting public.

By accessing the WHAT’s ON application, the public can search for events that suit their interests.  They can confine their search to the specific dates that they might be in the Blue Mountains.  They can also search for particular types of events – eg Concerts and Performances, Food and Wine, or even Community Markets.  They can even use a filter to show only Children Allowed, Free Entry, or Disability Access events.

Or if they are looking at your Venue listing, they can immediately see all the upcoming events that you have planned – right there at the bottom of your BMATA listing page.