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Our local accommodation providers in the Blue Mountains love customers to book directly with them and not go through third party booking sites that collect large commissions and contribute little or nothing to their accommodation experience.

Frequently you can provide better rates, special offers, and preferential treatment to customers who book directly with their chosen accommodation.

All BMATA websites direct customers to the members' web sites and booking buttons (if they have them). 

BMATA has also set up a web page to make it easier for customers, and potentially Visitor Information Centres, to find and book accommodation with BMATA members.

This page has the booking buttons for all accommodation member websites, if they have one, or enquiry email if they don't.  Members can post an enticement or last-minute inducement message alongside their button by using the Quick Access facility.

This Getin DIRECT page is linked from every one of our Accommodation search pages.  It can also be found at

There are no charges, no commissions – just good direct business between you and the customer.


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